How Long Do I have to Respond to an ADA Related Lawsuit?

Depending on jurisdiction, a Defendant will have between twenty one (21) and thirty (30) days to respond to an ADA lawsuit or an Unruh lawsuit.

Cases brought in Federal Court provide for a quick 21 day response, whereas complaints filed within the California system provide for 30 days. It is important to immediately begin preparing a response to these complaints, as ADA litigants are notorious for immediately filing a notice of default without notification to the other party. This allows their attorneys to continue to rack up massive legal fees, while creating undue work for a Defendant’s prospective counsel.

It is also important to have counsel experienced in ADA lawsuits, as many times these cases are brought in an improper forum, which may allow an attorney to quickly dispose of a matter without much cost or expense to his or her client.

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L&B Law Offices has a wealth of experience dealing with abusive ADA lawsuits. We will be able to properly navigate your case to a favorable settlement or final verdict. If you are having trouble with an abusive ADA Lawsuit then you should not hesitate to contact us. Our firm provides a free thirty minute in-person consultation for any small business owner facing an ADA or Unruh related lawsuit.

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