How Much Will This ADA / Unruh Lawsuit Cost Me?

At ADA Law Defense, this is the question we face most often, yet the most difficult to answer. Generally speaking, the more difficult the access barrier in question, the more expensive the case may turn out. For example, a simple barrier involving improper railings in the bathroom may cost a Defendant $25 dollars to fix. Unfortunately for small businesses, even with recent amendments in the Unruh Civil Rights Act, this $25 remedy may end up costing over $25,000 in costs and legal fees to an inexperienced litigant.

Many small business owners turn to “family attorneys” or distant acquaintances that have never dealt with the complex interplay between Federal and State law involved in an ADA or Unruh lawsuit.

For example, an inexperienced attorney may quickly get upset at the injustice of the situation (which we can sympathize with), and begin to play “hardball” with the other party. Inexperienced counsel may, out of anger, begin filing questionable motions and skyrocketing the cost of litigation. These tactics may place the Defendant in a precarious position, as their attorney has now eliminated the possibility of an amicable resolution to the matter.

In short, it is important to always keep all options open while litigating an ADA or Unruh lawsuit. Our experienced ADA attorneys have the wealth of experience needed to properly navigate your case to settlement or to a final verdict. Contact ADA Law Defense today. We will be able to provide you with solid defense at an unbeatable price.

About L&B Law Offices

L&B Law Offices has a wealth of experience dealing with abusive ADA lawsuits. We will be able to properly navigate your case to a favorable settlement or final verdict. If you are having trouble with an abusive ADA Lawsuit then you should not hesitate to contact us. Our firm provides a free thirty minute in-person consultation for any small business owner facing an ADA or Unruh related lawsuit.

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